Tuesday, October 2, 2012


If you follow us on facebook, you probably noticed a couple photos of our lunches this week. Often, when providers get together, menus become the topic of conversation. Everyone seems to always be looking for new ideas and recipes, or wondering how to get lunch on the table when you are busy with the kids. Parents sometimes have no idea what something is when they see it on the menu. So I thought posting some photos for awhile might help!

It's no secret that I really don't like to cook. I like menu planning even less. That is why I now have 12 weeks (week 13 is in the works!) of rotating menus for breakfast, lunch and snack. For the next few weeks we will focus on lunches, and if there is interest, we will move onto breakfast and snack.You can see our weekly menu here. We are on Week 1.

I also don't like to have to leave the kids to go make lunch. This used to not be such an issue when my mom was coming to cook for us. But now that she no longer lives in town, I am on my own. That is one of the most popular questions I get asked now...how am I managing that on my own? Most of the time, lunch is being made prepared during breakfast. I use the crockpots, pressure cooker, or oven whenever possible. Hhhmmm...maybe this would be something else you would like me to make note of in my photo posts? Let me know!

For example, all of the ingredients for yesterday's Chicken Pizza Hotdish were dumped in the pressure cooker during breakfast. The frozen corn was put in my little crockpot (no water added). Today's taco meat was cooked while I was making the waffles for breakfast, and put in the crockpot.

If you are interested in a recipe or have any other questions about any of our lunch menus at any time, you can comment here, on facebook, or email me. Have a suggestion? I'm always open to those as well!

Happy Planning/Cooking/Eating!

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