Monday, October 22, 2012

So Why the Name Change?

If you follow us on Facebook, you may have seen a very subtle name change announcement on Friday. I have been asked why, so here's the explanation:

A little history first. When I first started the daycare over 13 years ago, it was because the daycare my children were attending was closing. I wasn't easily finding a new one, and joked that maybe I should start my own. Apparently, I wasn't joking. The day I opened I was full, as a few of the kids from our old daycare came over to mine.

Our plan ("our" meaning the hubby and me) was to only remain in business until our then youngest started school. That would have been 3 years. So, at the time, it didn't seem really necessary to give a lot of thought to what the daycare's name would be. We pretty much just slapped on the first thing that popped into our heads...Bev's Daycare. Very original.

About 6 years in, I realized we were going to be in this for awhile, and began to regret not putting more thought into the name. But I didn't want to just slap another one on just for the sake of it. I was looking for something that was meaningful to me. To reflect me and my beliefs and what we really do around here.  And of all the things that we came up with just never felt quite right. Although my personal favorite was the one Jory came up with a couple years ago...Bev's Aultimate Daycare. You know...because our last name is Ault!

Fast forward to last week. I wasn't even thinking about names. I was actually thinking about the frustration that I have been feeling, and I know some of you parents have been feeling because we have talked about it, with our older kids. And while I was thinking about this I reminded myself that we are raising kids who someday we hope will be productive, responsible adults. Which led me to think about what my hero, Lisa Murphy, aka The Ooey Gooey Lady, says that we are doing. This is taken directly from her book "Play":

Play is the cement that keeps our foundation together. When our foundation is strong, the house of higher learning -the house of academics - can be built. And the house will be strong because the foundation supporting it is strong as well. And the foundation supporting it consists of play.
Ms. Murphy also says that if we build the house for learning without building that strong foundation, the house will eventually collapse. I also believe that within that foundation we are building all the other aspects for success...respect, responsibility, self-help, etc.

So some of you have been around me long enough to understand the weird way my brain works. Some of you have also had the misfortune of experiencing one of those out-of-the-blue lightbulb moments that entirely disrupts everything else going on. That what happened here.

I was thinking about what was still needed in the foundation for these kids. I was thinking about what blocks were maybe not entirely concrete or maybe just not there yet. The building blocks. What are Bev's building blocks?  Wait...what did I just say?

Yep...that's exactly how the thought process went.

When I texted Tracy (my husband) about the name idea, I was explaining to him the reasoning. One text said "and it goes along with the ooey gooey philosophy of building the foundation of lifelong learning. Oh @?&!, there's a new motto!"

Which has actually now become "Building the Foundation for a Lifetime of Success".

Yep, that's how my brain works.

I have registered the domain name, so now we have a much easier to remember website and email addresses. The old link will still get you to the website, and the old email will still be active for awhile yet.  Oh yes, one other question I have been asked...parents, you do not need to make any changes to your online pay account. I made the changes on my end, and have already received notices of payments to the new email account. So all is good there!

So that's how I came to find a name that feels right. That explains me. That is Me. I know that alot of people might not get the seriousness of the name Bev's Building Blocks Daycare, and I may have to explain the name alot...I'm ok with that. I have to explain why we do what we do alot anyway. And for will be a daily reminder.

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