Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012 - Part 2

The morning part of our Halloween party involves a lot of games and stories. We read a Halloween book every game or two. Our goal is too stay busy, which really helps contain some of that excited energy for the evening's festivities.

Most of our games are just really silly. None are actual competitions.

I didn't get photos of the Freeze Dance, but I believe I got some video that I will post later.

This is Boo, our little ghost friend. He loves to play Ghost Busters. This is where he hides, and the kids find him.

It seems like every year Boo tries to hide in the Jack-o-Lantern, and Miss Bev has to perform a very dramatic rescue. He never wants to play after that.

This was a new game called Ghost Waiters. You have to walk around holding the plate with one hand like a waiter and try to keep the balloon from falling off. This is supposed to be a relay, but we adapted it too just everyone walking around quickly.

Pass the Pumpkin - Pass the pumpkin around the circle while the music is playing. I believe the actual rule is that the person holding the pumpkin when the music stops is out. We played it that when the music stopped, you were just the lucky person holding the pumpkin.

Keep the Balloon in the Air, otherwise known as This Got a Little Wild.

Bean Bag Toss - $10 in Target for two boards and beanbags. We practiced adding here, and surprisingly no one turned it into a competition about who got the most.

Peyton can add ridiculously well!

Watching the Charlie Brown holiday specials was one of my favorite parts of the holidays, so I like to pass that little part of me onto them. 

And it gives me a chance to finish getting lunch together and them a chance to wind down a bit.

We then had a good lunch, so Mom and Dad didn't have to worry too much about what they had for supper. Then it was off to naps to rest up for the next portion of our party.

There are more photos from the morning that will be posted on the website soon!

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