Friday, December 7, 2012

Gingerbread Week

Honestly, we don't do a lot of gingerbread activities during gingerbread week. It's really just our kickoff for a month of Christmas. 

We did some cookie cutter painting.

We used the melting tray to decorate stars cut out of tinfoil, and made popsicle stick snowflakes, one of my personal favorites. We did these at the same time, as we only have one melting tray, this allowed us to set up two stations. This took 2 days to complete.

Blue was a very popular choice this year.

On Thursday, we read Gingerbread Man and made gingerbread ornaments for the tree. We finished these up on Friday in between cookie activities.

I'm hoping this one dries in time to go home for Christmas.

To end the theme, we made cookies. We started by reading Gingerbread Baby. We used little gingerbread cookie cutters, but we didn't actually use a gingerbread recipe. I just used a cookie recipe that is very easy for kids to work with. 

We have not done a cooking activity in a long time, and we really need to be doing more. I cannot think of another activity where you can cover as many concepts. There is literacy when you read the recipe. There is science as you watch consistencies change. We talked math while we counted cups of flour. We even talked about fractions as we discovered that three 1/3 cups does equal 1 cup. There is tons of vocabulary.

When we put the vanilla in, Michael thought it was chocolate vanilla because it was brown. We got to have a discussion about that!

I love this photo, they were completely amazed to see the dry ingredients and wet ingredients combine to become dough.

Everyone got their own ball of dough to roll out, 

cut out, 

pull away the extra dough, 

and move their cookies onto the baking pan.

This afternoon, we decorated our cookies however we wanted, and ate them for snack.

I timed it so the sugar rush would kick in right about pickup time. I'll let you be the judge of whether I'm joking or not. 

Sorry, we had some pickups going on at this time, and I just didn't get photos of everyone.

We have a lot more Christmas things to do next week!

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