Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"The Mitten" Day

Friday was The Mitten Day.

We started out by reading the book. Then we assigned one animal from the book to each kid.  We read the book the second time, and each time we got to an animal, that child went into our mitten, which was really just a big blanket!

It got very full in there. We didn't have enough kids here today to cover all the animals in the book, so the little polar on Peyton's lap filled in for mouse.

Peyton was the bear, which is why he is holding the "mouse". He also had to let out a loud sneeze.

After the bear sneezed, I yanked the blanket off them, and all the animals went tumbling!

I think this little activity has pretty much convinced Brooklyn that we are all nuts!

After that, we went to the activity table and colored our own mitten

Which I then filled at snack time with frosted animal crackers. 

Apparently, this snack thing was a big deal with the kids. It was a good reminder that sometimes the simplest things have the biggest impact. Sometimes as adults I think we tend to overthink things and feel like every event has to be huge...so not the case!

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