Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Polar Express Party

Yes, this is a rather untimely post. But I lost my camera after the party, and Tracy just recently found it. And this has been my first chance to type up a post. I wasn't going to bother, but then I remembered that some other providers did want ideas for their parties, so I thought this might be useful down the road...and for the next time I do a Polar Express party.

This was a great party. It was such a calm affair, but a nice change from the usual party games and craziness. We had a busy, full morning, but it was a great way to end a week and a season and move into our Christmas break.

On Thursday, we listened to the CD of Liam Neeson reading the book We then hung the ornament that came with the book on our Christmas tree...our only non-kid made ornament. 
Friday morning, when the kids arrived wearing their pajamas, there were coloring sheets (which I use so absolute rarely that I felt they were ok for a special occassion such as this) set up at their chairs. I printed these off the Polar Express website. They worked on these while we waited for everyone to arrive. One of the coloring sheets was actually the same as the ornament shown above, and I told the kids they could make it into an ornament at home if they wanted.

At 8:00, everyone brought me their coloring sheets to pay for their tickets (the sheets were sent home in the art bags). This is a photo of the front and back. I found them on the internet, but they were a full sheet ticket, and I wanted much smaller ones. So I did some fancy computer stuff (basically, I got lucky that I figured this out), and resized them and printed them out. They actually printed so both sides are together, you just fold it over to get a front and back. Then I laminated them.

When it was time to move into the living room, they brought their ticket to me as I yelled "All Aboard!!" I used a hole punch and punched them near the end (this is important later), and they found a spot to watch the movie.

After the hot chocolate scene, we sat down to a breakfast of waffles with strawberry topping, and hot chocolate with whip cream, sprinkles, and gingerbread marshmallows.

After the caribou scene, we made reindeer food for the kids to take home to sprinkle on the lawn on Christmas Eve. It consists of oatmeal, sugar, and sugar sprinkles. 

After the scene on the frozen lake, we did some wax paper skating.

We stopped to sing some Christmas songs right after the kids sing on the back of the train. I had wanted to stop right after the scene where they show the record player, and play some of  my old Christmas 45s on my little record player. I found the player...but not the 45s. I was very sad. And yes...I'm probably older than you think I am.  :)

When the star almost fell off the Christmas tree, we went downstairs and took all the ornaments off of our playroom tree, and bagged them up to go home.

When the boy heard the bell, we paused again. We then made a keepsake ornament from our party. Very simple...a shiny pipecleaner, a bell, and our ticket. Remember that hole I punched in the end of them?

When Santa gave out the first present of Christmas, I gave the kids their presents.

On Thursday night, Tracy scheduled our pizza delivery. It arrived right before the movie ended. Perfect!

In case you are wondering, we started right at 8:00, and sat down for lunch at about 11:40.

This was a great morning. 

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