Monday, April 15, 2013

Dot, Dot, I Think Not

One day recently, two kids were working at the art table. One child was using the glue. Suddenly, he said "Dot, dot, not a lot".

 Miss Bev's head almost exploded.

I can with 100 percent certainty guarantee that no child has ever heard me say this phrase. Ever. I can almost guarantee that this phrase has never been uttered in my daycare by anyone before. I can't say for sure where this child learned this phrase.

And then this child said to the other child who was starting to use a lot of glue "You should do dot, dot, not a lot!"

Yeah. A few deep breaths were taken.

I reminded Child A that Child B was free to use the materials however he chose, just like Child A was free to do. I then informed Child A that there was no reason to ever say "dot, dot..." at my house, as every child is free to use as much or as little glue as they feel necessary.

Oh wait...did you hear that? I think someone's head actually did just explode out there. Probably one of those "dot, dot" people...

I teach kid's how to use a glue bottle. I show them how to turn the orange top to open and close it if they just can't figure it out on their own. And to close it when they are done so that it doesn't end up filled with that hard chunk of glue that frustrates the next person.

End. Of. Lesson.

Did I hear another explosion??

I tried to do a google search to help me with some facts in this post. I found pretty much nothing. I found lots of posts on how to teach kids the dreaded Dot Dot method. Aaarrrggghhh!!!!

I mentioned in a previous post some of our very gluey creations. So what if a child uses half a bottle of glue on half a sheet of paper? Glue is cheap...I buy it by the gallon and refill our regular sized bottles. Buy why would I allow them waste it? It may look like it's waste, but it's not. As my hero, the Ooey Gooey Lady, would say "someone in your room needs to squeeze!" If you must have a reason...they are learning to write. Excuse me? No, I have not totally lost it. Yet.

 All that squeezing is developing those little hand muscles that they will need when they are ready to start holding a pencil and start writing letters and numbers. 

But what's going to happen when they get to school and they try using a whole bottle of glue? Trust me...I have watched a lot of kids work through this process. After they have been allowed to freely empty a few glue bottles, they will move on. They will totally on their own have figured out the so-called "proper" way to use a glue bottle. Because they have been given the time, and the glue, to experiment.

Come on...admit kind of want to go empty a glue bottle right now, don't you??  ;)

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