Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I got this game with my Scholastic bonus points. Big thanks to those that have ordered so that we can earn these points!

We set out one foam mat per child. That day, we were just one color short of each child getting their own color. So I had Fletcher, a 2-year-old, use the same color as another child so he could copy them.

These are the dice. They were a pain to blow up. One dice showed the color, one the movement, and one the number of repetitions. In this photo, the child on the red mat would run in place two times. 

Sometimes, as in the photos below, there was an all-play.

I thought maybe the game was a little boring, as most of the time only one child at a time was doing the action. When I asked the kids what they thought of the game, they said they it was really fun. Shows what I know! Interestingly enough, this group does not get upset if they do not win a game or if it's not their turn. They get excited for whoever's turn it is or whoever wins. It sure does make games a lot more fun!

This has turned out to be a really good addition to our rainy day (or in this case, icky winter weather) activities!

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